Men’s remedy for sunburn

In hot weather, many people after being out in the sun appear chronic lesions such as thickened skin, horny, darkening, even swelling, redness, and burning.

1243 Men’s remedy for sunburn

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sunburn is caused by innate skin that is not durable, does not react with intense sunlight or is caused by low heat, toxic invades the body, stagnates in the muscles, and penetrates the skin. skin) leading to sunburn . Here’s how to treat sunburned skin .

Toxic heat form: The sunburned skin area burns, swells, the skin surface is tight, shiny or there are red, dense, burning and painful nodules, accompanied by dry mouth, thirst, restlessness. For treatment, it is necessary to clear heat, blood, detoxification and emphysema with the following remedy: Huyen Ginseng 12g, bamboo leaves (cover or bamboo) 10g, honeysuckle 10g, dandelion 10g, mung bean pods 15g, licorice 6g, pine needles 6g, decoction of water drink twice a day, drink continuously for 5-7 days. In case of thirst, add 20g cassava root, lot root (20g reed root); If the swelling is hot, painful, add 12g of water curd bark, 10g of sage (spender seeds).

Low toxicity: The sunburned skin area is red, swollen, burning, painful, small blisters grow densely, ulcers are broken, watery, thirsty mouth but can’t drink much water. To treat it, it is necessary to clear heat, detoxify and eliminate low levels with a remedy: 30g grass roots, 30g plaster, 15g birthstone, 15g knitting, 15g dandelion leaves, 15g plantain seeds, 30g to multiply, excellent drink on 1 month continuously for two weeks.

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